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NanoMist Sprayer

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NanoMist Sprayer

This portable mister has been intelligently designed with many uses in mind. Nano technology sprays liquid into nanoparticles which allows you to sanitize more surfaces with less liquid.

Compact Size

Measuring in at 10cm in height and just 4cm in width with a water tank that holds 30ml of liquid. Perfect size for your bag, purse or pocket!


This NanoMist Sprayer is the easiest way to carry sanitizer. You can use it on all surfaces without a problem. Spray it on your phone, keys, elevator buttons, and even your clothes!

More Than a Sanitizer

This portable NanoMist Sprayer can be used to nourish your face, body and hair. It will soothe dry, irritated skin while keeping your skin hydrated and your makeup intact. This also works great as an eyelash extension mister. This will accelerate your lash glue curing speed!